Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Butterfly Poem

A little garden,
Fragment and full of roses.
The path is narrow
And a little boy walks along it.

A little boy, a sweet boy,
Like that growing blossom.
When the blossom comes to bloom,
The little boy will be no more.

Goosebumps review (Son of Slappy)

In the goosebumps book Son of Slappy is about a boy named Jackson who went to his uncles house to visit. He saw everything his uncle had old Furniture, old clothes, and other kinds of junk. Jackson then came across of Slappy in a room full of dummy's. Jackson wanted to take it but he ended up leaving it. Once jacksons parents picked him up Jackson noticed that Slappy was in his bag. Jackson took him home and kept him. Once Jackson went home put threw Slappy to his bed. A paper feel out of Slappys pocket. Jackson read the words on the card out loud seeing what will happen. What will you think will happen next?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Goosebumps review (stay out of the basement)

I've been reading a goosebumps book. For me I enjoy goosebumps books because of all those scary stories. The book I've been reading is about a family of 4 the dad,son,sister and mother. This book is about the mom goes alway and Margaret the sister sees that her father has been acting weird ever since he's been testing things in the basement for about a few weeks. Margaret says ever time her father leaves the basement he comes back very different the he was. Before. So Margaret and her brother Casey go downstairs to see what her dad is up too. Once they both get down there they hear like animals growing and making noise. The noises was coming from the plants. Could this mean that. Margaret's dad a crazy person or is he just normal?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The story of the child who got kidnapped (pt3)

Once I opened the door his jaw dropped and his eyes wide open with terror. The thing I saw were other kids in cages. They were in poor condition. Ripped clothes. Dirt all over their body and clothes and sweating as if they got chased then caught. They were telling me to free them but he wasn't able to. The cages were locked with a pad lock. I needed a key but I think the people who did this to them have it. The room was packed as if they were around 30 to 40 kids in there. It scared me because they might get me and put me in there with them. In my mind I think there selling the kids. It's sad to see this but I can't help them out I don't have the keys. I moved to another room that was empty. I think this room was abandoned by the owner. The part that gave me hope was the window. Looks like they didn't seal it because no one lived here. Then behind me I heard loud screaming from someone. The kids started screaming started as I heard a gun shot. More gunshots were shot at something. Then the screaming faded alway. I went back to the door and locked it. When I went to go open the window I heard somebody was trying to open the door. I rushed to open the window but the windows slides of metal that made it open was rusty. It was a pain the open it. Then finally after all the struggle it finally opened. But I was In the 3rd floor I'll break my legs. Then out of nowhere the door opened hiring the wall loudly. I looked back and saw the man running at me. I had no other choice I jumped out the window.What will you think will happen next?

(Pt4 coming soon)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Slice Of Life(A time when I had no phone)

This was a few mouths ago like around October. I had the iPhone 6s. It was a good phone and fast good camera too. For me I always took cared of my phones. I never cracked one of my phones that I had ever got. Even tho I dropped my phone over 100 times with no case and it still never cracked. My iPhone 6s was strong and surprised that I had never cracked it at all. But then I got my phone taken alway from my mom because I didn't do good. I was mad and sad because of this. I had no phone I was phone less. But then a few mouths ago I ended up getting my phone back.

Slice Of Life(When I got the iPhone 7)

This was a normal day at school like a few days ago. I was in my locker trying to get something's I needed for class. I opened my backpack and noticed my phone fall out of where it was.(At this time I had the iPhone 6). I turned my phone on and was seeing if I got any text messages from somebody. I got one from my mom saying "what color do you want for the iphone". I wasn't able to text back because the schools blocked my wifi and there wifi from messaging my mom. When I went home that day my mom suppressed me with the iPhone 7 mat black.

Slice Of Life(The time I went to a park and I got lost)

This happen years ago let's say like 7 or 8 years ago. Know it was a nice sunny day no rain no clouds no wind to get in your way. I was with my brothers walking around this huge park that I had never seen. I ended running off to see the little pond with fishes inside. Know my brothers were behind me at this time seeing the pond. But for some reason they left without telling me. Know a few minutes pass by and I started to walk back to my brothers. But then they were gone. I got scared because I was alone inside I thought where are they? Over and over again. I ended up crying a little lol. I ran around the park for like 10 minutes looking for them. Then I ended up finding them. They were laughing at me because I was cry lol. Till this day I still think how did I not see them walk alway and why I was looking at a pond. Then we ended up going home.