Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Goosebumps review

Know this book was good I loved how the story went. Most people they hated the ending but it was pretty cool. This story is about a kid named Jay. This child Jay ended up moving to another city or state. Once Jay got to his new house he found something interesting at night a few days later he saw something that he couldn't believe. His next door friend has these status that would come to live after hours at night. People never believed him. Not even his friend or his parents. Do you??

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Slice Of Life

A time when I was trying to help someone was when they were down but I ended up making it way worse. This person was sad about something that I really didn't know about. I ended up trying to help them out buuuut.... he got a little mad. So he was sad and mad know. I told him so,thing he didn't like. Well I guess some day I can see him again and say sorry and hopefully he'll forgive me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Goosebumps review

Goosebumps is an exciting book with scary storie. For me I've been reading these books for years and I enjoy. Mostly people don't like them but I like them because of the storie. People said that these books are lame. So the book was about a kid who was in a carnival with clowns. They say don't stay over night because of something on with the clowns at that time. Some people say that the clowns take people at night but theirs not enough evidence to show that they are. Those people have been missing and have never been found. A clown ended up doing bad things a kid causing himself to kill him self because this clown threatened him. Read to find out who will be the next to die??

Friday, March 3, 2017

Slice Of Life (pt3)

There was one day which I never thought about. The mistakes that I did and did wrong. This was the time when I ran alway. When this happened I had no place to go so it was a pain to do this. Most likely I ended up giving up then glowing back home. It was a pain to get back because i went a pretty far. I would say 2 or 3 miles i was pretty much by Chicago City. So what would you think to see a boy walking down ther highway at 9 at night by himself. Took me about a hour to walk back home. As I made it back my parents weren't still home they were still at my grandmas. So I pretty much got alway with it

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Quick Write

A time when I laughted so hard was when my friends were on their bikes on a nice sunny day. Know I think you can already think what's gonna happen here. One of them ends up hitting something and ends up falling off his bike and lands right on to the dirt and mud. I start busting out laughing so hard that I scared tearing up. He ends up getting up with his whole body covered when dirt and mud. The bad thing was that we had to take him home after that so he can change.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Slice Of Life

There was this day when I hung out with a group of friends and we did a lot of weird things. Not gonna say but the cool thing we did was that we got pizza sodas and other things to munch on after school. This was a half day so we had like 3 or 4 hours to have fun. But a thing that went wrong was that we spiled soda on the rug. It was easy to clean it up because they had a lot of cleaning supplies.

The Story Of The Child Who Got Kidnapped (pt2)

How was I gonna get out? I knew they will end up coming back but then what? What will they do to me? Sell me? Kill me? Drug me?? So much things are rushing in my head at once its hard for me think right. They didn't tie me up really well so i was able to slither my way out of the ropes. The whole room was dark so it was very hard for me to look around and to see where I was. As I got up I moved slowly. Dead Silent as I only heard the floor squeak every time I took my step. The sounds outside the room kept on going. I ended up hitting a wall. Making my nose bleed a little. I wiped the blood from my nose as I also saw the light switch.I turned on the lights. I locked the door so no one gets inside the room. I see a window. I rush to the window and tried to open it. The windows been jammed. I couldn't get out from there. But I ended up seeing a small air vent big enough for me to slid threw. I opened it up and I struggled to get inside. My fear at the moment was me getting stuck. I wiggled and keap on moving. After a few minutes I made it to the other side. Threw the air vent I saw the people the took me talking about something, I could barely hear them because of the other noises going on around the place. As they went alway I managed to open the air vent and jump down. As I fell I made a loud bang on the ground. I jogged to another door not trying to get myself caught. Each and every door was lock but not one lucky. As I slowly opened the door I saw something that I will never forget.

To be continued....